Why You Should Perform Water Damage Repair Right Away

water damage

I don’t think we need to tell you how devastating Water Damage can be. Whether its caused by a natural disaster, damage to your roof or pipes, or even an accidental overflow the effects are always something that should not be ignored. Some of the steps are common sense such as mopping up the water but there is so much going on beneath the surface that a water damage professional can help you assess and eradicate completely. Here are some reasons why you want to address the issue as soon as possible.

Long Term  Risks To Your Property

We all know the horror stories of mold in the home or workplace- but there is so much more damage that could possibly be caused by untreated water damage. Not only should you protect your property but these things could also have effects on the quality of life. 

  • Weaken structural integrity – Walls, Floors, and roofing can all be weakened by water which can spread to other parts of the house easily and cause more damage over time
  • Exposure to chemicals – by allowing the structure of the building to break down you are possibly exposing yourself to harmful chemicals that go into building walls, floors, etc.
  • Electrical problems and damage- water and electricity are not a great match and can eventually cause dangerous problems such as electrical fires or personal injury
  • Furniture and personal item damage- leaving your sofas, rugs,  beds, and personal belongings exposed to water damage can decrease the lifespan of your items or leave you with unpleasant lingering odors

Health Risks

Mold thrives in damp environments and is a great risk after experiencing water damage. Some symptoms you can experience include flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, cognitive issues, and more. Allergies can also be worsened in environments where water damage is present. Many times water can harbor dangerous bacteria and germs that can cause us to get sick or experience infections. All in all, the repercussions of water damage to your health is something no one should have to experience.

Water Damage

Why Should You Hire a Professional Restoration Company?

Cleaning up after water damage is not a small task! Wanting to get help from a professional can put your mind at ease knowing nothing will be overlooked in protecting your property and your health. There are many things we might not  even think of that a professional will know to check up in these unusual situations.

Taking on the task on your own can take much more time than it would for a professional team. This leaves you exposed to water damage and can hinder your business and daily life. Professionals already have the equipment needed and the experience to get these things done quickly and efficiently to get you back to normal in no time.

If you find yourself in a situation like this don’t hesitate- Call JVG Restoration today for a free estimate – (305) 726-6851 or visit us online at jvgrestorationllc.com and fill out our contact form.

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