How to Stop Mold Growth

Mold Removal in Hialeah, FL​

South Florida is a breeding ground for dangerous mold due to its humid warm subtropical climate. Mold grows in damp places or where there is too much moisture. Although not all mold is dangerous, certain types of mold can cause health problems. People who suffer from nasal stuffiness, coughing, skin, and eye irritation are all showing signs of mold exposure. Mold can also cause coughing, skin rash, wheezing and sore throat. People with allergic reactions or asthma can have more serious reactions.


So how can you get mold? Mold can get into a home through vents, windows, and doors. It grows where there is moisture, whether caused by leaks in pipes, windows, or roofs. Mold can also grow in floors and wallpapers, paints, carpets, or drywall. Leaks in walls, plumbing systems, and ceilings are also ideal places for mold proliferation and growth. Mold can even sometimes appear in an HVAC system. Therefore, it’s necessary to eliminate the sources that cause mold growth to prevent it.

Here are some of the ways to stop the growth of mold.

1. Lower Humidity Levels

Molds thrive in a moist environment. Therefore, it’s essential to keep the humidity levels down. Make sure there is ventilation in places that have excess moisture. When using the bathroom or basement, turn on the fans. If there are no vents or fans, install them and allow an electrician to always repair them.


The air conditioner also helps circulate and dry the air. A house with less air movement and no air conditioning will create a warm and humid environment necessary for the growth of molds.

2. Freshen the Air

Opening windows assist in increasing ventilation in a home. Ventilation helps to reduce the levels of carbon dioxide. Fresh air will assist in drying out musty and damp areas and reducing stuffiness and odors. The window can be opened every day to provide natural ventilation to a home.

3. Dry Wet Areas

Homeowners should regularly clean the surfaces of their homes. Get into a habit of cleaning surfaces in the kitchen, bathroom, and other moist places to keep them free from mildew and mold.


Molds can only grow in moist areas, and therefore, it is essential to dry wet places in a home. Spills on carpet, leaky pipes, and a damp basement should be dried immediately. Fix any water issues or leaks to eradicate the sources of moisture in a home.

4. Keeping Rain Gutters Clean

Homeowners should make sure the gutters are clean. Gutters should take water away from the roof, but it becomes problematic when in bad condition. Debris and foliage can gather in gutters over time which can cause downpour and spillover. When the gutters are not working properly, water can penetrate the house. To make things worse, it can cause mold growth. Therefore, this can be prevented by cleaning the gutters.


With the above tips, homeowners can stop mold growth in their homes. Humidity levels, drying wet areas, keeping gutters clean, and proper ventilation of the house are ways to prevent mold growth. A small leak in a home can cause mold infestation. Mold can sometimes be difficult to remove and can also cause health hazards. Professional mold removal services can also be considered on such occasions. However, vinegar, spray bottle, bleaches, tea tree oil can remove fewer amounts of mold.

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