What Is A Roof Tarp And When Is It Needed?


There are a lot of things that can go wrong with your roof, whether damage from a storm or old age, leaks can occur and if not handled properly can lead to major problems. When it comes to any problems with roofs, having your roof protected from further leaking with a roof tarp will help you get through a leaky or damaged roof situation. But what is a roof tarp exactly, and when is it needed to repair a roof?

What is a Roof Tarp?

A roof tarp is a tarp made for use on a roof. It isn’t like a typical generic tarp you may find in Home Depot. It’s made to securely attach over a roof wherever there may have been storm damage spotted on the roof. Storm damage on the roof is something that needs to be covered so then a homeowner can have it repaired before more damage may accrue on their roof and in the home.

Why a Roof Tarp is Necessary?

Some instances where someone might need a roof tarp is after storm damage or tree damage causing a leak to their home’s roof. Someone may also need a roof tarp if they are currently in an area with a lot of storm damage and not enough businesses around to fix all the storm damaged roofs. The tarp will keep the roof protected until it can be assessed and repaired by a professional.

Where to Get a Roof Tarp?

Someone in need of a roof tarp can purchase a roof tarp from most home supply stores. Or, as always recommended, you can call a licensed professional like JVG Restoration to help you tarp your South Florida roof and restore the storm damage. We can bring a roof tarp out to the damaged house to cover the storm damage until a roofer can fix it.

Homeowner's Policy

A homeowner may also be required to protect the roof with a roof tarp based on the stipulations of their homeowner’s policy.

Installing a Roof Tarp

Installing a roof tarp is generally not advisable to do on one’s own. It can be unsafe. Especially since a roof tarp usually goes up if the roof is damaged. Instead of risking injury, a homeowner should have a professional like JVG Restoration put up the roof tarp for them. We are licensed and trained to safely put up a roof tarp without causing more damage to the roof.

How to Know Your Roof is Properly Tarped?

A homeowner that doesn’t know much about storm damage and repairs afterwards, may not know what to expect from their roof being tarped. A few points to remember if you are curious if your roofer is doing the right job is to remember that they are going to need the proper equipment to install it and they will need to properly attach it to the roof. They will need a ladder, measuring tape, safety equipment to get on the roof, thin pieces of wood, screws or nails, tarp, and a shovel to remove some damaged debris areas on the roof.


Personal safety is the most important factor to have a professional tarp your roof. Leaks in one part of your ceiling could be caused by roof damage in another. Professionals know exactly where your tarp should be placed and how big it should be.

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