What Happens During a Mold Inspection

Mold Removal in South Miami FL

Black mold is the topic that no one wants to talk about, but if you have recently purchased a home or suspect a problem with damp walls or musty smells in your home or office, you may need a mold inspection. Acquiring a professional mold inspection is important because the stakes are high for your health and for your house. If the mold inspection is positive, you will need to hire a mold remediation company for a mold clean up and mold remediation. Although some people want to try their hand at doing jobs around the house, a mold inspection should be left to a reputable mold remediation company so that it is done correctly and a plan of action can be put into place if black mold is found.

Importance of a Mold Inspection

There are several important reasons to get a mold inspection, not the least of which is to protect your health. Mold removal and mold remediation need to begin as soon as possible after a problem is detected, so a mold inspection is advised for the following reasons:

  • Your allergies have worsened and you suspect mold
  • You are trying to buy or sell a home
  • You are doing a remediation project and need a baseline number
  • You need an inspection for your insurance company
  • You want to see if your mold remediation has worked.

Process of Mold Inspection

Because professionals have the knowledge and expertise in how to deal with mold, leaving a mold inspection to the professionals is the best idea. After a visual inspection that confirms the suspicion of mold, professionals will do a surface inspection to test for mold in your home or office. Next, air testing for black mold will occur. Mold sampling or a spore trap is used to determine the presence of black mold in the air. If the results are positive, the team will offer a report about the types of mold and the location, so you can begin the mold clean up process with a qualified mold remediation company.

Mold Remediation

If black mold is found in your home, a qualified mold remediation company needs to begin the process of mold clean up. The first step in mold removal is to section off the area of your home or office since mold spores can travel through the air and contaminate other parts of the house. Secondly, the mold remediation company will determine what can be salvaged and what must be thrown away since the black mold has infiltrated it. After the mold removal, your qualified mold remediation company will clean the surfaces and air with special equipment, and they might have to replace the ceiling or drywall that has been damaged. After mold remediation, you should have a second mold inspection to determine if the problem has been fully addressed.

Finding black mold in your home or business is not for the faint of heart. But with a professional mold remediation company doing a mold inspection for you, you will have the best possible information with which to work. They will then put a plan in place for mold removal and mold remediation so that you can get back to your family or work life without worrying about your health or the structure of your home. By letting a professional take care of your mold inspection, and subsequent mold clean up, you can be confident that the job was done correctly the first time and that your home or office is safe from black mold.


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