Warning Signs Of Mold

Mold Removal in South Miami FL

Mold is a four letter word that strikes fear in the heart of home and business owners. Although mold is a fungi that grows naturally outside, when the mold spores settle into your home or office, they can cause untold damage. However, there are a few warning signs of mold that can be helpful indications that you may have a potential mold problem. Black mold is insidious in the way it creeps into your home and infects everything in its path. But if you do have the unfortunate luck of finding black mold in your home or office, all hope is not lost. With a professional mold removal and mold remediation team on your side, you can create a plan and eradicate the mold so that your family and office mates will stay healthy in a mold-free environment.

Sensory Signs

There are many sensory signs to look for in order to ascertain if you have a mold problem. First, if there are signs of water damage, or you know there has been some flooding, you need the services of a mold remediation company. These signs include paint or wallpaper that is peeling, cracking, or bubbling, as well as water stains. Clearly, it stands to reason that black splotches on your walls could be black mold, but mold can also be white, multi-colored, greyish, or stringy. Your sense of smell could also indicate mold, especially if you smell a consistent musty smell. If your senses point to mold, it is time to call a mold clean up company.

Health Indicators

In addition to what you see and smell, if you experience a change in health, you might have black mold in your home or office. If you experience any of the following symptoms, especially a sudden onset of them, know that mold removal and mold remediation might soon be in your future.

  • Wheezing or trouble breathing
  • Congestion with a runny nose
  • A sinus headache
  • Coughing and sneezing
  • A scratchy, irritated throat
  • Rashes or itchy skin

If the black mold problem persists, your health could be seriously compromised with internal bleeding, organ problems, mental difficulties, and more. Hiring a reputable mold remediation company at the first sign of trouble is essential to the health of your family and co-workers.

Mold Remediation

The dangerous attributes of black mold mean that you need to call for a mold clean up as soon as possible if you see the telltale signs of mold. A professional mold removal and mold remediation team will test for black mold and create an action plan for you if they find it. Mold removal involves sealing off the infected area so the mold spores don’t travel, as well as removing any ruined furniture, clothing or drywall. After mold removal services are performed, mold remediation involves rebuilding the ceiling, walls, or anything that was damaged by the black mold and returning the home or office to its original condition.

A reputable mold remediation company has the experience, expertise, and equipment needed to return your home or office to pre-mold conditions. By heeding the warning signs of mold and calling the professionals immediately, you will quickly be on your way to solving the problem caused by black mold. The physical symptoms often come on quickly after water damage, and if left untreated can lead to bigger problems. There are also many sensory triggers that can lead you to suspect mold, and if you see or smell the signs of mold, you need to deal with it quickly with a professional mold removal specialist.


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